DAY 113

Today was a move day to a nice campground in Florida. It’s 15 minutes from the Jaguars stadium, I’m super excited for the Jaguars vs Jets game! That is on Sunday. We moved for about 3 hours today. The campground has a pool and a playground, but best of all it had a lake you can swim in. I’m was surprised it had no alligators, there are so many down in Florida.

Yesterday we went to a beach on an wealthy island called Hilton Head. All of the houses were really nice and everything looked in good condition. Yesterday morning we prepped to leave before my mom took 2 calls. After her calls at we left at 1:00pm. It was a one hour drive and when we got there we were all excited. But sadly we hadn’t gone to the right beach. We were going to a beach that had many restaurants near it and this was not the one we were looking for.

After another 20 minute drive we were there. At this point it was 2:45 and I was super hungry so when we ordered we got some nachos as an appetizer. The nachos had some type of liquid cheese all over it and my mom asked for light cheese. Because I was so hungry I still ate a few nachos not knowing I would have a stomachache the rest of the day. I ended up not eating lunch because my stomach hurt so bad and I rested at the beach. I played a little soccer with my dad and we all went in the water for a little while then we left.

The way home was even longer, it was 1 hour and 10 minutes! When we got home it was 7:30 so we got ready for bed. Knowing me since there was a sport on I had to watch it. I watched the World Series game 2 till about 10:00pm then I went to bed. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about our new campground and what we did today! Looking back at it today was one of my more longer blogs, I’m happy about that since yesterday was a long day.

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