DAY 111

Today we went to the a beach in Savannah. The beach we went to nobody really liked. It was really Shelly and the water was freezing. It really wasn’t very nice in general. When we got there the clouds started coming out and about 30 minutes in it started pouring. We left when it started raining and went food shopping. We are on our way home right now.

Yesterday was another day at the campground. It was pentagon very boring. In the morning I did my school work and roller bladed a little. After that I just played in the RV until 1:00pm when my mom finished her work. When she was done we went in the pool and played some foosball with her. After that we went back to RV and played a little more. Soon enough we ate dinner and I watched the football game. I watched a little bit of the game and they were losing 26-0 so I went to bed. They ended up losing 33-0. The Jets are just a terrible team. At least I won my fantasy football game to maintain first place.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about our beach day and more foosball.

2 thoughts on “DAY 111

  1. I was in Las Vegas this past week, and the odds of the Jets winning the AFC are literally a million to one. 🙂


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