DAY 110

Today was a fun day at the campground and at the pool. Tonight we watched the movie cars and I’m going to watch the Jets game. They are playing the best team in the league so I expect them to get destroyed since they are one of the worst.

Yesterday was Sunday so I watched football the whole day. In the morning I ate breakfast and went roller skating. At around 1:00pm the first set of games started. My parents went out to Savannah with my sisters at around 2:00pm so I just sat inside and watched the games. There were a couple blow outs and a couple close games it was a lot of fun. What really matters is that I won in my fantasy football league game this week so I maintain my first place lead this season as 6-1. My parents got home by 6:00pm and we all ate dinner. Soon after I watched a movie with my mom and watched some football.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about my fun day today!

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