DAY 108

Today was a fun day even though it rained all day. I woke up this morning and my dad was watching a movie. I just noticed that was the first time we had turned had on the tv during the day and not watching sports! It really poured all day until about 7:00pm when we went outside and played some games. We watched I think 5 movies and they were all good ones. Now to yesterday.

Yesterday we had a lot of fun again. In the morning we didn’t do too much. My mom worked which is pretty normal for the mornings and at about 11:45am my dad played some foosball with me. I beat him in both games 1 was close the other not so much. After that he took my sisters to get another pair of roller blades because they have been loving doing that lately and 1 pair isn’t enough.

When they got home our new sitter arrived. Her name was Alex and we had a great time with her. We went to the park, we played some foosball. We played some of the matching game and we fixed up the new blades so they would fix. My parents went out and came home at around 5:00pm then we ate dinner. And to top it off at around 8:45pm my parents and I went out and went in the hot tub while my sisters slept. It was a lot of fun!

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about the fun games we played tonight. It will be more than you’d expect!

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