DAY 107

Today we hired another sister for a few hours and my parents went out. They are actually still out but should be home soon. We all played some more foosball and went to the playground. I’m also learning how to roller blade with my sisters roller blades. I’ve gotten pretty good if I were to say so myself with about 30 minutes of practice. Today has been a lot of fun so far!

Yesterday was a lot of fun too. We didn’t do as much so it’s not going to be a long post but we had some fun. In the morning we didn’t do too much but at around 2:00pm my mom and I played some foosball. We played 5 games before we went to the pool. I won 3 she won 2. It was a lot of fun. After that we got my sisters and went in the pool.

We were in the pool for about an hour then we left. At around 5:00pm my mom got a sitter so she could go out with my dad. I’ve stayed home alone just fine but my sisters are too young. I mainly watched the football game and stayed in the RV while she was here. When my parents got home we went bed.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about a fun day in the campground!

2 thoughts on “DAY 107

  1. I met your awesome parents at Whole Foods today! What a fun and crazy experience you all are having. I hope you enjoy your stay here in Savannah and your upcoming adventures. Tell your mom and dad hi for me and to stop following people around grocery stores 😜 – just kidding, they are a riot!


  2. “Today we hired another sister for a few hours and my parents went out.” Weren’t two already enough????? πŸ™‚ I know what you meant!


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