DAY 106

Today my parents hired a sitter and they are going out. I’m pretty excited and I can assume they are too. Earlier today I played some foosball with my mom and the camp store. We played a few rounds of that and after that we went in the pool. I got my sisters and they came in too. It was overall a lot of fun and right now we are all about to go outside.

Yesterday we moved from a RV park in Charleston to one in Savannah, Georgia. This RV park is really nice. They have a nice pool and hot tub for kids. The one problem is that they put so many chemicals in their pool it hurts my tongue. They also have many games like foosball, pool and ping pong here. It’s really nice and really hot. Yesterday other than the ride we went to the pool. When we arrived at around 2:00pm we got the RV ready for a 9 day stay and went in the pool. We were all there for 1 hour then we left. Yesterday other then that we didn’t do all too much.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about my games of foosball and more fun in the pool.

2 thoughts on “DAY 106

  1. Wow I just looked at the forecast and Savannah’s weather is amazing! Beats NY in a Nor’easter cyclone bomb of cold and wind!
    Ps- is your mom any good at football?🤣😂


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