DAY 105

Today was a move day to a nice campground near Savanna, Georgia. They have a pool we went in and a nice hot tub. They also have a mini water slide. It’s really nice! We had about a 3 hour drive there but it went pretty fast.

Yesterday we stayed home at the RV and didn’t do all too much. It was raining all day so I could only go outside for 20 minutes on a bike ride with my mom. This is going to be a very short blog because I slept till 2:00pm. I just rested up in my bed because my legs were hurting and I felt tired for some reason. At around 2:30pm my mom and I went on a bike ride in the rain. It wasn’t pouring for a few minutes so we went. She took me to their adventure park at the RV park. It had a nice disc golf but because it was raining we quickly rushed home, it slowly got harder so we went back. That’s is about what we did today and I will definitely have more to right tomorrow.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about our pool fun and the RV park!

One thought on “DAY 105

  1. Wow Luke – maybe you are growing – sleeping a lot and sore legs too. I remember when my son Jack was growing – sounds familiar to what you are experiencing. Disc golf is fun too – even in the rain!! Give a hug to your Mom for me:)


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