DAY 104

Today it rained all day! It was fine because when I woke up my legs weren’t feeling very good. They hurt and it just felt like I was tired all day. I literally slept till around 1:00pm. At around 3:00pm I stopped pouring and softly rained for 20 minutes so my mom and I got out and took a wet bike ride. Today wasn’t at all interesting.

Yesterday we stayed home again but went to an awesome playground. Yesterday morning was pretty normal we didn’t do anything too interesting. We left for the playground at around 1:00pm. When we got there we all played tag. Our family loves playing tag, whether it’s in the pool or at a playground. While we were playing some boy about my age joined in and he was really fast. He was definitely faster than me and maybe faster than my dad. We played for about and hour and then we biked home. Yesterday wasn’t very interesting other than that so I’m going to stop there.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about our fun little bike ride and what we did today.

2 thoughts on “DAY 104

  1. It’s good to have simple days… keeping it real … everyday doesn’t have to be super exciting, love to hear some noramalcy and sleep in kinda days😄


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