DAY 100

We are officially 100 days in! There have been many lessons I have learned since we started and so many cool places I’ve seen. There has also been some problems I’m having. Since we moved I’ve only played with 2 kids and I haven’t played 1 game of soccer. I talk to 2 friends and a cousin pretty often but it’s different talking them playing. Other than that we are doing pretty good!

Yesterday I played some golf with my dad! It was a lot of fun except for the fact of how cold it was. We both woke up at 6:00am and got ready to leave for a 8:18 tee time. We ate breakfast and left by 7:15. We arrived at 7:30. When we got their we warmed up and practiced on the putting green. In golf if you are playing in a two sum, like my dad and I do, you usually get paired with another two sum. We played with some nice people yesterday that we got paired up with. They were both seniors but in my opinion were pretty good. They drove the ball about 150 yards and hit their irons pretty far. Me on the other hand wasn’t playing very good for the first holes. I haven’t played golf in about a month and a half so I was a little rusty. For the first 9 holes I was hitting the ball 50 yards but after that I picked it up and got 75-100 yards per shot. At the end it had still not warmed up and I was freezing. As soon as our round ended it started warming up. We ate some lunch at the golf course and went home. The rest of the day we didn’t do too much. I took a nap because I was tired from waking up early and golfing while freezing all day. We were all thinking about going in the pool, but I got cold and dark fast so we decided not too.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about downtown Charleston or Old Charleston. We did a lot of cool things and saw some cool things.

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