DAY 98

Today we didn’t do to much. I played some disc golf otherwise I did nothing. My parents did some work and my sisters played Pokémon. I played some Pokémon with them a little and me did some battles. Now to yesterday.

Yesterday we went to some islands close to Charleston. When we first arrived we found a Ben and Jerry. That was our favorite ice cream back in Huntington where we used to live. After that we went and walked to the beach. We checked out the beach because we are expected to go there on Friday. It was a very nice beach so we are thinking of going there on Friday instead of any other beach. After that we got back in our car and my mom went food shopping. Around the area we were in had so many huge million dollar houses. Every house was at least 1 million dollars. Some were even 10 million. The houses were so big I couldn’t believe one family lived their. It was amazing. After food shopping we drove around a little and then went home. I didn’t talk to much about the morning or night because we just sat around. My mom has to do her work daily sometime.

Stay tuned tomorrow I hear about the round of disc golf. Also tomorrow I’m going golfing with my dad. We are going have an excited blog post, or at least I hope!

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