DAY 97

This morning we didn’t do to much but right now we are driving around Charlotte, South Carolina. What we’ve noticed is that all of the houses are worth at least 1 million dollars on the island near it. But we also don’t see any mountains and we want a house near mountains. We have been spending weeks in the Carolinas because that is one of the many places we are thinking about living in. Also we have bought tickets to a football game in Jacksonville. My favorite team, the New York Jets are playing the Jacksonville Jaguars in Jacksonville the one week we will be their. It couldn’t be better timing. I’m pretty excited!

Yesterday was our first day since we started the trip that we couldn’t go outside all day because of rain. It rained all day and nobody in my family expected it. My mom had work most of the day and my dad did too so my sisters and I took out our Pokémon cards. We did some trades and did some battles with them. A few months ago we organized a binder full of them and we all have so much fun with them. Other than that yesterday was really nothing too interesting. Last night I watched the baseball game and the football game. The Yankees won their playoff game last night so they moved on to the next round. They are looking really good and are only a few wins away from making it to the World Series. The football season has just started and is in the 5th week so their is not all too much action yet.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about Charlotte and the island near it we went on!

One thought on “DAY 97

  1. I hope the Jets are playing better by the time they make it to Jacksonville. You might get to see the Yankees too if they end up playing Tampa Bay!


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