DAY 96

Today it rained and it was just wet all day so none of us did much. I played with my Pokémon cards a lot. My sisters and I all collected a lot so we did some battles and trades. That occupied us for hours while my parents got work done. Yesterday was a long move day, we were on the road for about 6 hours. We left at 12:30pm and arrived around 6:30pm. Yesterday we also said good by too our friends and my moms friend.

Yesterday morning at about 8:30 we all walked over to their house from our RV parked next store. At around 9:30 we left to go out to breakfast. It was a really nice little spot to go. I had a croissant for the first time and I had some pancakes. My sisters had the same. After breakfast we drove around Asheville. It an awesome town with some cool places to eat and cool shops. Their was one place where they heated up glass really hot and molded it into some really cool colorful cups and necklaces and so much more. We stayed their for about 20 minutes and then we ordered somewhere for lunch. We just picked up lunch for later. We had just ate breakfast so none of us were hungry. After that we headed home to leave.

While my parents got the RV to their house we did some really tiring workout. They have an awesome garage that they turned into a gym. They have fake people to practice boxing with and use swords on for aim. It’s a really cool. They have bars for pull-ups and big weights. It was a really tiring workout for the 6 hour ride. Soon enough my parents were ready so we all said good bye and we were off. As I said their house was up on a mountain so my dad had to drive it down. He made it look so easy and it was so smooth. I fell asleep for the ride and it was all just pretty boring so I’m going to skip to when we arrive. We were all really happy to be at a KOA. Their pool is open and they have awesome playgrounds and they have a lake to go fishing in. Not that we like to go fishing. We all ate dinner and got ready to do to be when we arrived.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about our rainy day in the RV!

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