DAY 95

Today was one of our longer move days. We moved from 1:00pm and we arrived just now at 6:20pm. We went out to breakfast this morning and checked out Asheville. It is a beautiful little town and has some really cool shops. Right before we left my sisters and are friends all did a really tiring workout in their garage. They made they’re garage into a gym. That got me tired for the long trip. Besides that because you will here more about it tomorrow, right now I will talk about yesterday.

Yesterday we moved from a town near Charlotte to Asheville. There were no RV parks that had space for at least 45 minutes from my moms friends house so we had to park the RV in their neighborhood. What’s funny is that they don’t have any ordinary neighborhood. They live in a mountain in a small community and getting an RV up a road that felt like it was 1 way but was 2, was not easy. There were so many little turns and bumps and low limbs that scratched the top of it. We are about 13 feet high so it is hard to avoid them. As soon as we got up we parked and we met them. She has 1 kid named Tru and someone that is living with them for a little while and he has 1 kid name Violeta. She is 9 and Tru is 5. After about a few hours Violeta went out with her dad somewhere and the rest of us drive to a hike. It was about a 30 minute ride then we started the hike.

It was about 1.2 miles to the the waterfall and 1.2 back but with all the cool climbing and swimming we did there it was about 3 miles. The hike was mostly up hill there and down hill on the way back. The hike was really awesome. As I said the hike was too a waterfall and there were many little waterfalls on the way their. Their were also some really nice wooden bridges and old stein houses on the hike. It was awesome. When we got there most of us put our feet in. I didn’t because I didn’t want wet feet on the way back. We climbed around on the rocks and jumped around, I slipped once and almost fell in and somehow caught my balance. I was pretty happy about that. The way back was easy because it was all downhill. After that hike we all went out for dinner on Asheville. We went to some awesome place that was mostly vegan. So my sister was great. For anyone that doesn’t know my sister Caitlin is vegan so it’s hard to eat out with her. For dessert we went to a tea cafe next store. I got some cool iced tea their. After that we went home.

It was 8:30 when we got home so I went to bed in the RV. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about our second day in Asheville and a long move day!

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