DAY 94

Today we moved to my moms friends house. We are staying their for 1 day and that day was today. We went on a pretty long hike and we just met them today. She has 1 kid and it’s a boy that’s 5 years old. There is also someone that lives with them and he has 1 girl that is 9 years old. They all played together before we left for the hike. Now to yesterday.

Yesterday we had a lot of fun. We said hi to a friend who we haven’t seen in a few years. We also checked out Charlotte and spent some time with the girls friend Ella they met the day before. And after all that we went out to dinner. It was a long day so let’s start from the beginning. Yesterday morning was pretty slow. My mom took some calls and a little later on I went to the camp store and played some checkers with her. After that we ate some lunch and my dad went to a little amusement park. Our RV park is right outside of it and he had a friend to come with him. When he arrived it was closed and he had to walk back home. It wasn’t that long of a walk but it was just annoying to walk half of a mile there and half a mile back. When he got back we got in the car and went to see Ella first. We spent 35 minutes there and we went to our old babysitters house. She was awesome and my parents became Facebook friends with her 4 years ago before she left and when my mom posted where we were she told her she lived near by, so we visited her. It was awesome and her little house was nice. After that we went to Charlotte. The Carolina Panthers stadium was in Charlotte and that got me very excited, I’m very into football! We ate some dinner at a cool little pizza place and then left. Charlotte was very nice though, it has sown huge buildings with pink lights at the top and some cool little trains came through. After that we went back home and we got home by 9:45pm so I was very tired. I went to bed after watching a few innings of the baseball game. It was the playoffs otherwise I don’t usually watch baseball.

Today had been a good day. I’ve been really tired lately but I’m still going. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about our 3 mile hike and much more.

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