DAY 94

Today we went to Charlotte and said hi to a few friends in the area. It was a fun day but we are on are way home now, it’s 10 past 9. For most people that’s normal but for me I don’t really like it. Charlotte is a really nice little city and it has the Carolina Panthers (the football team for the Carolinas) stadium. We got a really view of it on the high way just now.

Yesterday was a fun day with my moms friend and her daughter. The morning was pretty slow but the afternoon was a lot of fun. We are spending weeks in the Carolinas because it is one of our thoughts of a place to live. Yesterday morning I played some football with my dad and some kid on his scooter 2 years younger than me joined in. He was nice and seemed very smart. He could catch well and he could throw decent so I thought I had a good match. He was also about a foot taller then me so he had an advantage. The one problem was he was pretty slow. I ended up winning 21-14. After that I did some of my school work and then we went to the beach. It was a little private beach for people who live in the area. We went their and the sand was a little slimy so I stayed out of the lake until they came with their pool noodles and a tube. We all swam around and just played on the beach for a few hours until we wanted to leave. My sisters became good friends with Ella. Ella is my moms friends daughter. They actually ended up eating dinner at their house while my parents and I went out for dinner. We picked them up and we left.

We got home by 9:00pm and I went straight to bed. I was tired from the day and this morning I woke up and I was tired again. I’m trying to take it slow but my parents have other plans. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about Charlotte and all the people we saw today.

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