DAY 93

Today my mom met a friend she has been talking to online for the first time. We all met at a private beach near her house in North Carolina. She has 1 kid and it is a girl Sydney’s age. Sydney, Caitlin and the girl, who’s name is Ella, all played together great. I mostly talked with my parents and there parents. We stayed a little longer than I wanted too but right now I’m going out to eat with my parents and the girls are with Ella. I’ll explain more tomorrow. Now to yesterday!

Yesterday we and a semi decent day at this horrible campground. One thing we have learned is that we have to book campgrounds with pools if we are staying there for a long time. Yesterday I wanted to spend some time with my mom so at around 11:00am we went to the camp store. I played some games at their arcade and as I mentioned yesterday I won a kindle. I also played some checkers with my mom and I beat her in that. After that my mom took a few more calls then I went on a little bike ride with her and after that my sisters went on a bike ride with her. I biked around a little and talked to a friend when they finished school. We all ate some dinner after that and when my sisters went to bed my parents and I played a board game together. We played allowance if anyone has heard of it. It’s a very simple game yet so much fun! My dad ended up winning, I had won the night before.

After that I went to bed. Tonight I’m going to watch someone football with my mom and I’m pretty excited. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about an awesome day today, we did so much!

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