DAY 92

Today we played around at the RV park and we played some games at the arcade their. The games were rigged expect for one that had some had eye coordination in it and I have really good hand eye coordination. Usually that’s helpful for sports but it was really helpful today. On my first try I won a kindle fire. Those are worth about 125 dollars on amazon and I got one for 1 dollar. I actually went there with my mom and she watched me do it first try.

Yesterday was really one of our more boring days! We did absolutely nothing! I also didn’t really go outside again because of the fact that it’s still 90 degrees out every day. When I say I did nothing I actually don’t know where the day went. I went up in my bed and then like walked around the RV and then it was bed time.

I’m going to have to end the blog now because I really have no idea what to write and I don’t want to write anything even more boring. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about a fun day at the campground.

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