DAY 91

Today was a pretty boring day. We did absolutely nothing. I only left the RV once to go on a small little bike ride. It was 90 degrees out today which is one of the reasons why I didn’t go outside. They have a pool here but they closed it down for the season because it was cold a week ago. They also don’t have a playground here for some reason. The campground really doesn’t have anything. Yesterday was pretty eventful. We picked up my mom and it was a move day.

We woke up early again so we could leave and catch my moms flight. We left at around 11:00am expecting a 2 and a half hour ride. It ended up being a 4 hour ride. We didn’t catch my moms flight and we noticed we couldn’t fit the RV into the airport so we just parked at a Walmart near by and my mom took an uber to us. We were all excited to see her and we still had about another 30 minute ride. When we arrived none of we’re thrilled because we knew it wasn’t going to be a nice campground but it was worse than we expected. I just played around in the RV for the rest of the day. It was really hot yesterday too. We should’ve gone south a little later!

When it got late I watched some football and went to bed. Today as I mentioned was pretty boring I will try to write as best as I can tomorrow.

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