DAY 91

Today was another move day and we picked up my mom from the airport. The day is going great except for the fact that something broke will we were driving and we have glass everywhere. It was a little glass cup with some stones and branches. My mom had collected those stones somewhere. Today was pretty eventful! Yesterday was a move day too but we didn’t do as much.

Yesterday was a fun day. We checked out a World War II battle ship. To be 100 percent honest I didn’t love the whole thing. It actually kind off scared me with all of the switches and knobs. Yesterday morning we rushed to leave fast and we left before we ate breakfast. We left at around 8:30am. It was only a 1 and a half hour trip so we all held off. That was by far our record for the earliest time to leave. When we arrived we all ate some bagels for breakfast. We actually arrived at the battle ship when we ate breakfast, we couldn’t go to the campground that early.

The boat was in pretty nice shape nothing really looked very old. That really surprised reading about all the battles it’s been in. Their was a little room you could walk into to fire all the cannons and we got to go up there. Their was also a huge downstairs that went on for what felt like forever. We were checking out that ship for about an hour and a half then we went to the campground that was about 15 minutes away. It was about 1:00pm when we had our all plugged in. What I mean when I say plugged in is it has power and all the slides our out. I talked to my friends for about an hour and then I biked around the RV park a little. It was a KOA so they had a great pool and a great playground. After that we went to the pool for a long time. When we got back we all ate dinner and then I watched the football game. I had an intense game of fantasy football all against my uncle this week and the game last night was the deciding factor. Luckily I won and I stayed undefeated. If you want to understand what fantasy football is and how it works just comment and I’ll respond with the answer.

After that game it was really late so I just fell asleep in my dads bed again. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about our new campground we are staying at for 5 days. Phew! Finally no more move days!

3 thoughts on “DAY 91

  1. Hey Luke
    My family spent several summers near that battleship at the beach. My son loved the battleship. Glad you enjoyed the trip!!
    Miss Carol


  2. It was an intense football fantasy week and you beat me fair and square. Good job! I do have a question about Fantasy football, how did you get so good at it? And why am I so bad?


  3. I’ve never done one of those fantasy game things, but I really want to try fantasy golf this new season, because I follow the PGA very closely. (I’ve only played a real round of golf once in my life, up in Ludlow + pitch and putt a bunch of times and mini golf of course, but I love watching golf on TV.)


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