DAY 89

Today was a pretty fun day. We are coming back from the beach right now and I’m actually starting to like the beach. The own part about the the beach I don’t like is all the fish and crabs and just all the animals in general. A few years ago on vacation I got bit by a fast and it actually hurt a lot. We also went to this really boring museum. It is our last full day here until we move tomorrow so we made the most out of it.

Yesterday was a really boring day. We did nothing but go to the pool for a few hours so I don’t really know how to make this interesting. I sat around the RV and talked to some friends for a little while then I just rested and read and did some schoolwork. At around 3:00pm we all went to the pool and had a great time for about 2 hours. We played tag for so long and we have created or own rules after many times of playing tag in the pool. After that we biked back to our RV site and had some dinner. After that I called my friend and my cousin and talked to them until we had to go to bed.

That’s about how my day went but if you stay tuned tomorrow you will hear a way more interesting day. I tried making my blog longer today but I just couldn’t.

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