DAY 88

Today I just chilled at the RV park because we are planning to go to the beach tomorrow. We actually expected it to rain all day today but it didn’t. It was a pretty chill day for all of us honestly. We all just played a few board games and went in the pool. Yesterday was about the same except that we went to the beach for about 15 minutes.

Even though we didn’t do much yesterday I had a great time. Most days I actually prefer the do nothing because for some reason I just like that. One problem with when we do that is that it doesn’t quite make for a long interesting blog so I have to get a little creative on how to make it longer. It’s been awfully hot lately and I know we are going south but some of the pools are closed because the week before it was 30 degrees cooler. It’s almost October and it’s 88 degrees every day in North Carolina. I can’t believe it. I’ve been kind off avoiding long bike ride lately and any type of sweaty thing outside. Luckily we have 3 amazing air conditioners in the RV so it’s usually cool in the RV. Yesterday morning came and went in a snap. I ate breakfast and time had just flew. Until 4:30pm that is how the whole day went so I will skip their. We drove 40 minutes to a beach on a beautiful little island of the coast of North Carolina. We got to the beach and it was cool because their was a little sand ledge and then the water so I stepped close to the ledge and the sand crumpled under me and 1 leg fell while the other stayed up and I pulled something. It hurt so bad for about 5 minutes o couldn’t move. After that it got a little better but the car ride home was hard. When we got home we ate dinner and I watched the football game with my dad. I had ice on the spot where it hurt for hours. As soon as I took the ice off about 5 minutes later I had fell asleep in my dads bed. I woke up at around 2:00am and I was still in the exact position so I just fell back asleep. It was funny in the middle of the night.

Today was just like yesterday except we didn’t go to the beach so it was even more worse for a blog. I’m get more creative tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “DAY 88

  1. Luke! I’m sorry to hear about your leg. I’m glad it’s better and
    I can’t wait to see you when I get home in few days. And I loved today’s blog. Love you!!


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