DAY 87

Today was going great at the new RV park until we went to the beach and I hurt myself. There was a little fall off some sand and I the sand fell from under and one of my feet dropped while the other stayed up and I pulled a bone. I’m putting up with it, it just hurts a lot. Our new RV park is really nice. It has a playground a pool and a some good paved roads for biking. Now to yesterday!

Yesterday was nothing too special. We all woke up and got ready to move the RV. It was a little bit easier since my dad kept the bikes on the Jeep. He kept them because the RV park was not nice and we were just parked on the dirt road outside if it. We got the RV moving by 11:00am. It was about a 3 hour drive. 2 hours in my dad made us some lunch and then we finished the trip. We were happy when we arrived at the RV park. It was really nice and it’s close to the outer banks and they are beautiful. That where the beach we went to today is. I rested up in my bed for awhile. I did some school work and read a little. At around 6:00pm we ate dinner and I went to check out the RV park on my bike. I did a little bike ride then it got a little dark. I went to bed soon after that. It’s been taking a little longer to fall asleep lately because my sisters always find a way to have a problem before bed otherwise I sleep pretty well.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about the day. We went to the pool and the beach. Also thank you for 111 followers. 11 is actually my favorite number so I love looking at it.

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