DAY 86

I was about to start writing my blog today and then I realized when I hit upload yesterday on my blog it didn’t have string enough WiFi and it didn’t do it so I’m sorry their was no blog yesterday. It also deleted my draft from yesterday so I couldn’t upload it if I tried. I’m a little bit upset about it because my streak is ruined but I’m sorry it wasn’t there yesterday.

Today has been a pretty average day so far except for with fact my mom left to Arizona for a few days and that we moved a few hours to another campground. If I didn’t make it clear yesterday my mom is going to Arizona for a few days for business. She is gong to some type of class for people running a business. She will be their for 5 days.

Yesterday was a move day to a little RV park near the airport my mom went to this morning. They didn’t have enough room in the park so they put us in some spare dirt lots they had outside the place. It wasn’t anything nice so we just got out and drove around. My dad, my sisters and I shopped while my mom got her nails done. After that we went to a little pizza place and we bought a pie while my mom ate a salad. The pizza was really good it wasn’t too cheesy or had to much oil. It was delicious. After that we went home and it was 8:00pm.

We all went to bed after that and we went to bed a little early because my mom had to leave by 6:00am so we had to wake up early to say bye. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about the new campground we are at. Here are the pictures from Washington DC finally.

7 thoughts on “DAY 86

  1. Like, you are SUCH an inspiration and I look forward to these emails every single day! Thank you for sharing your life journey with me!


  2. Your streak is still active! You did everything you can, and the computer just messed things up a bit. Not your fault. If I was you, I would write out what texts and comments you wrote to others yesterday, and turn that into your correct Day XX of the blog. It’ll be a creative way to show the day, even if only with a few small texts or whatever, and will also prove you wrote yesterday. 🙂 Love the pics! Still amazed you’re such a young kid and writing so much! Keep up the AMAZING work!


      1. No texts to your cousin either? Any words you actually have somewhere that you typed yesterday could technically count. You could also write ABOUT the day after the fact and just post it in its place. I really think adding something with the correct day would make you feel better going forward. Do whatever you want though.


  3. I was so glad to see you on facetime last night.
    Keep up the good work on sending your blog everyday.
    I look forward to reading them.
    I’ll try to send more responses so you know I read them.
    Love Grandma Nonna😍


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