DAY 83

Today we are driving around Shenandoah in our RV. It’s our second national park and we are all having a great time. We went on a hike and saw some beautiful areas to look over a cliff. We are 3,500 feet up a mountain so when I said look over a cliff we are that high up. Today we are having a great time but 2 days ago we had an even better one.

On Friday we had an awesome day in Washington DC. Their is so much to do their. Their are so many monuments and awesome buildings. Also my my moms friend came along. His name is Brett and he biked into town to see us. We started by seeing the Washington monument. That was absolutely beautiful and it was just so tall. A fun fact about the Washington monument is that it was stated by a company who went bankrupt so another company with different bricks finished it. After that we walked over to the Lincoln Memorial. It had a huge statue of Abraham Lincoln in a huge chair in an awesome building. After that we took an Uber to the White House lawn. That lawn is so awesome! It also has so many police around that area. I wasn’t surprised but I just don’t see that many police very often. Their was also somebody mowing the lawn. I was thinking how big of a job it must be to cut all of the grass. After that we went to a cool ice cream place called Presidential Scoops. We had some ice cream then walked a few miles to the capitol building. I would definitely go back to Washington DC because of how beautiful it was and how nice everything was. I will be adding a lot of pictures to end of today’s blog too. Now that was 2 days ago now I will end us off with yesterday.

Yesterday was our last full day at the RV park we were at and we made the most of it. One of the reasons we didn’t go to DC again is because we were all tired from 2 days in a row their. And also it gets really packed on Saturdays and Sundays from what we heard. In the morning I biked around and I my parents told me about a cool trail that goes around the perimeter of the campground. I went on it but within a minute I fell and hurt my ankle so I stopped that. We all went to the park for a little while. It was pretty funny again because the 9am my sisters said they would be back soon for breakfast and about 2 and a half hours later they came back. We decided that we would go to the cafe and the pool for lunch and because my sisters didn’t eat breakfast we went at around 12:00pm. We ordered our food and went into the pool. One pool was really cold and one was quite warm. I decided to mostly go in the cold one because no one was in it and because I was sweating. It was very refreshing. After I ate lunch I went back to the RV and hung out their. I played some mini golf by myself which I do pretty often. I almost beat my record but I didn’t play very good In the last holes. After that we ate some dinner and went on the tracker rides I talked to my friends and soon enough it was late.

I went to bed very soon after. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about our only day at Shenandoah. I just tried uploading my pictures and I don’t have good enough WiFi at my new RV park. I will upload them as soon as possible.

2 thoughts on “DAY 83

  1. Hi Luke,
    I’m glad you enjoyed Washington DC. It is a great town with so much to see! You’ll definitely want to go back there.
    Grandma Nonna


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