DAY 81

Today was definitely the greatest day on our trip. We saw so many cool monuments in Washington DC. We saw the White House. We went to the Washington monument, the Lincoln monument and the capitol building. I will have so many beautiful pictures for tomorrow’s blog post. Even though we were all exhausted at the end we still had a great time. You will hear all about this tomorrow.

Yesterday was a smaller day but it was still a lot of fun. We all woke up and we were trying to leave earlier in the day. Like at around 12:30. We ended up leaving at around 1:45pm. We didn’t really do anything too interesting in the morning. I biked a lot and just did some school work. I like to get my blanket and sleep up in my bed sometimes and just rest. Soon enough we ate lunch and we left. As I mentioned yesterday I loved Washington DC way more than I expected too. They’re are just so many beautiful buildings and every building is huge. We took this really cool train/subway there. Sometimes it would go up and sometimes it would go underground. It was really cool. When we arrived we first saw the archives. The archives were so beautiful! They had huge decorated pillars and giant sculptures of animals in the front. After that we just walked around and saw many monuments from a distance we also went into an air and space museum. We saw many cool things their but what we spent the most time doing was looking at the first airplane by the Wright brothers and how they made it and how it works. That was an awesome museum. After that it was 5:45pm so we left on the train/subway.

We got home and we all went to bed quite soon. We were all really tired. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about an awesome day in Washington DC.

One thought on “DAY 81

  1. Washington D.C. is one of my favorite cities to visit! We go there every year with the 8th graders on a school trip, and I particularly enjoy the memorials. Arlington cemetery is incredible! I hope you got to see that.


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