DAY 80

Today was a long day in Washington DC. We all had a great time but we are all really tired. We saw some cool monuments and went into a cool museum. We are getting closer to the monuments tomorrow when we go back their. We got of out train at the Archives for the United States and they are huge. Not only are they huge they are really nice too. They have all these cool designs and awesome little sculptures. You will hear more about that tomorrow. Now to how yesterday went.

I woke up a little later than usual. I didn’t wake up till around 8:00. Luckily we weren’t going to Washington DC yesterday so nobody was rushing around to leave. Yesterday was really the first day I was pretty active since we arrived at the new campground. I’m finally feeling better today. Yesterday was actually pretty slow until about 11:00am. I biked around before that and checked out the campground a little more. At 11:00 I played some mini golf with my dad. We played a first game where who ever hit the least amount of shots won. I ended up winning that by 3 strokes. After that we played 9 more holes and we did if you win the while you get a point. I won 5-4 at the end. After that my mom got on a few more calls then I went to the pool and got tun with her and my sisters. We had a great time and the pool is so warm. And after that we went to the water park at the campground. It was a bunch of sprinklers and cool little water gadgets. And some buckets that pour water on you. All the water was really cold but it was still so much fun. After that we didn’t do to much around the park. I’m still learning how to ride a bike no handed so every day I just go outside and practice a little. I didn’t really do anything to anyone’s interest so I’m going to end it their.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about an awesome day in DC. Also hear about what we saw and a few pictures my dad got.

One thought on “DAY 80

  1. Hi Luke. So glad you liked Washington DC. There is so much to see and enjoy. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday when you come to the Shenandoah Valley. This is where I live. Have fun.


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