DAY 79

Today has so far been a great day. My cough had been getting way better and our new RV park is awesome. I also can’t wait to go to Washington DC tomorrow. I’ve never been to Washington DC but I’ve heard it’s awesome. It’s also as most people know the capitol of the United States. There are so many cool monuments there. Now to my day yesterday.

Yesterday was a really fun day. It was also a move day! We went from Philadelphia to a campground near Washington DC. It was a few hours but it felt like nothing because I just go up in my bed and rest the whole time. Especially since I wasn’t feeling good. Time flew by and we were there by 3:00pm. When we arrived I stayed up in my bed. My sisters went out and explored the campground a little. They have a great mini golf course with so many fake animals around. I actually got scared by one. I looked in the bush and a tiger was staring at me. It was pretty funny. They also have a really nice camp store, pools, hot tub that kids are allowed in and an awesome water park I went to today. It’s a great RV park. I was still a little sick yesterday so I wasn’t really active. I just hung out around the RV and biked a little.

Soon after it was about 9:00pm so I went to bed. I was tired and not feeling very good. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about all the cool things I did around the RV park.

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