DAY 78

We just arrived at our new RV park today. We are really close to Washington DC! This RV park is also really nice and we are looking forward to a nice few days here. They have 3 pools, 2 playgrounds, a water park and a really nice mini golf course. I can’t wait to play that course. Unfortunately I’m not feeling any better than yesterday I’m actually feeling worse. I have a bad cough and I’m sneezing and I have no energy. I’m eating chicken soup for every meal but breakfast so I’m going to slowly get better. Besides the point, yesterday was a great day and I will now get into it.

Yesterday started out pretty normal except for the fact that I wasn’t feeling very good. It wasn’t terrible but I had a long day ahead of me so I rested a little. We left Long Island early in the morning. It was around 8:35am. My mom had something in New York City so she drove the Jeep their for the day. So my dad, my sisters and I took the RV to the next campground. It was in New Jersey. It was 20 minutes from Philadelphia. It was also a very nice RV park. It was called a KOA. They have many KOAs around the USA and they are expensive but they are really nice. So for 1 day we parked our RV their. About 30 minutes after we arrived at the KOA we left for Philadelphia in an Uber.

Philadelphia was so much fun. It kind of took away from the fun because of my cough and my soar throat. And to see the liberty bell they made me dump my tea out. I was a little upset about that. The liberty bell was really cool though. Next we went to Independence Hall. We got a really cool tour of the place. The guy giving the tours name was actually Luke too. He was really good at his job too. He explained everything and made it feel like a lot of fun. He showed us some cool rooms. My favorite was the court room though. I actually got picked to be the one to stand in the place where you would stand trial. It was really a lot of fun. After that we went and got some pizza. I didn’t eat any which was good for my cough but I also wasn’t hungry so that’s what stopped me. After that we took an Uber ride home. We got home a little late so I turned on with Jets game. They happened to be playing Monday night. It was a bad game the Jets backup quarterback got hurt so they are playing their 3rd string. It’s not looking good.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about another move day and a little more about the RV park. We are also not expecting to go to Washington DC until Thursday.

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