DAY 77

Today we all had a great day. We went to Philadelphia and learned a lot about the Declaration of Independence and we saw some really cool places. I’m feeling a little bit better with my soar throat, I have been drinking tea and trying to take it a little slower every day. I just couldn’t miss out on seeing Philadelphia so I came along for that.

Yesterday’s party was so much fun it really took up our whole day. It stated at 11:00 when my first friend came and ended at 7:00pm when my last friend left. We all woke up pretty early just to get a head start on the day. We all ate breakfast and biked around for a little before the first person came. My friend named Donovan came a little early so we could play a little before the party. We made up a football game we played for a little and we played some horse. After a few hours someone else came. Whenever we have a party we always hire our old gym teacher. Everyone has a great time with him he is athletic and plays many sports and is really good at running party’s, he is always keeping everyone up to something. When all the kids arrived we started by playing some soccer for a few hours and then we took a little break.

We all watched the football games for a little while and took a little break. We compared fantasy football leagues together and we saw the scores in the football games, that was a quick little break. After that we played some capture the flag. Or we at least tried to. Everyone had to leave mid game so we stopped that and played some football to end it. Everyone started to leave after that and we all said our goodbyes hoping to see each other in December again.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about the fun we had today. We had a long day because it was also a move day!

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