DAY 76

Today we had a huge part at the campground. So many of my friends came and we all had a good time. It was definitely tiring having a sports party from 11:00am when the first person arrived to 7:00pm when the last person left. I am really tired and am starting to catch a soar throat so luckily the long week of action is over. Speaking of action yesterday had a lot of action. Yesterday I was at my cousins house till 1:00pm and then went right to my friends house for the rest of the day. It was really a lot of fun.

Yesterday I woke up and I was with my cousins. We went to bed pretty later since they are teenagers so we slept in a little. It was about 10:00 when we ate breakfast. After that we went outside and played some basketball and then we did whatever around their house. After that we left for lunch at a restaurant with my mom, my dad and my uncle and aunt. We all had a great time having lunch and at around 2:30pm I arrived at my friends house. They are really good at soccer and I love playing soccer so we all played a lot of soccer. Indoor and outdoor. After that we built a really cool marble run. It was really hard to make and put together but we made it together. After that we did some races with the marbles down it and after that we ate dinner. Dinner was salmon and mashed potato. It was all really good! After that we played some more soccer until my dad came at 9:15pm.

After that I went to bed and wrote in my blog. It was really a fun day but very tiring. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about the awesome party we had today.

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