DAY 75

We are all having a great time back on Long Island. We have seen friends and we have passed by our house. Today we had a great time with our cousins. We slept over with them last night and than went out to lunch with them today. We all had a blast and we still have the rest of today and tomorrow to have fun. 
Yesterday was a lot of fun. We didn’t really do anything in the morning we just took a little :rest from the action. We didn’t have anything till 1:00. We really just hung out around the RV park. Im also teaching myself how to ride a bike with no hands. It is really hard but I’m slowly getting their and I’m trying to practice it a little bit every day. I also biked around the RV park a little. All of the roads are paved so it was a smooth bike ride. Especially with my new bike. I’m going to skip to the part where we leave. 
At 1:00pm we had to leave for our chiropractor to get an adjustment. After that the sleepover began. We don’t usually have sleepovers with our cousins but when we do we always have a great time. We arrived by 6:00pm so we didn’t really have too much time. We went outside for a little and then got our bed ready. By that time we ate dinner and we sat on the couch and watched a movie. We watched despicable me 3. I loved that movie it was really good. Soon after that we went to bed. 
Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about another great day I had today.

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