DAY 74

Today I spent some time with a friend and went to my old school. I had a lot of fun today spending some time with friends. Yesterday was almost as much fun as today. Even though we arrived at 12:00pm we still had a great time yesterday. 
Yesterday we were still at our other campground in the morning and we had to leave early because we had an appointment in New York and we had to leave fast. We left at a really good time, we got the RV out of the campground by 9:45am. That is a really good time for us because it means we had to start packing at around 8:45 and we all had to eat breakfast and get ready for the day. We were happy with that time. Everything was going good. We were going to be on time and we had enough gas and were ready. The minute we arrived in New York City we hit so much traffic. We stopped dead at like 3 miles per hour for an hour. After that we had to cancel our appointment because we are so late so we are going to that tomorrow.
After we arrived we got the RV ready to stay for awhile and we left for my grandmas house. My uncle, my aunt and my cousin were all there. We had a good time. When we arrived nobody was there so we played with some toy cars until my cousin and my aunt and uncle came. We all had some awesome conversations about how all of our life’s were going. My uncle and aunt recently went to Thailand so they told us about that and we talked about our adventures. We left pretty early and got home at around 9:00pm
Soon after that I went to bed. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about another great day on Long Island!

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