DAY 72

Today was the first day of staying in Long Island. We went to your grandmas house with my cousin and my uncle and aunt. We ate dinner and had a great time. We talked about some fun stuff and spent a little time together because the next time we are seeing them is at Christmas Today was also a move day so it was a great time.

Yesterday was a lot of fun too. We played some mini golf yesterday at a cool mini golf course about 10 minutes from the campground. Yesterday before mini golf was pretty slow. We didn’t really do anything a lot of fun except for moving the RV to the dump station. They had no dump spot at our site so at around 10:00am we brought it over their. After that we did some biking and had lunch. After lunch we played some mini golf
We found a cool place to play but it was only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but luckily they were having a party there and it didn’t start for an hour so the owner let us play. It was a pretty smooth match with a little stress I’m not going to get into. On hole 18 my dad got a hole in one and could have signed up for a chance at a free BMW for the week but we weren’t going to be around there for that long so we just dropped on the idea. When we got home we all biked a little around the RV park. After that I did some home ec for school and helped my mom make dinner. 
Soon after that I went to bed because we had to wake up early to leave for NY early. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear more about our move day and some fun at my grandmas house.

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