DAY 71

Yesterday was our first day of school. It was a lot of fun! My siblings and I were went to a special school where you got to pick what work you would do at what time so  as long as you got everything done. That is kinda the way we are doing homeschooling in the RV. Also another thing is they put 3 grades in the same class. So an example is 4th 5th and 6th grade are in the same class. You go from the youngest in the class, to the middle and helping the youngest, than the oldest in the class helping all grades. I am doing my work first and later in the day my siblings do some work and I am their teacher. Now I know that sounds bizarre but that’s how we’re doing it. They have a chart of what they have to accomplish each day and if they have a question I’m there. Also my sister Sydney has no math book so I teach her that out of a book my mom bought about what a 2nd grader needs to know about math. That’s how our first days our going.

Yesterday was a pretty average day. We didn’t go anywhere but we went on a pretty cool bike ride. We just hung out around the campground for awhile before that. Today we were joking around. This place is a ghost town. There is 5 RVs in the whole RV park. It was funny because we called before we came in asking if we could come a little early and they said they had to check if the person there had left yet. When we arrived we were laughing. They were no RVs there. And a new RV pulled up and asked my dad if he was on the right spot and my dad said his spot was crammed next to ours. Again it was a joke. They could put that guy anywhere and they put him crammed next us. He went in the store and asked to I’ve a few spaces and they let him. It’s really funny what’s happening. Now to the bike ride.

My dad, Caitlin and I all went on our bikes to the water park next store but it was closed so we went across the street to the service entrance to the a good look at it. They kicked us out of the service area so we biked down the road to a good spot to see it and we did. It was really an awesome park and it has a few records their. I forget them but they are good ones. We biked down the road a little ore expecting to find a trail back to where we came from because it was parallel with us. We found a trail but after a little bike it led to nowhere. We biked back up the road and went back in where we left from. It was really a fun bike ride.

Their are no other cool highlights yesterday but that bike ride was a lot of fun. I am really excited for tomorrow because we are heading back to New York for a few days.

One thought on “DAY 71

  1. Wow…school sounds pretty cool! Amazing the whole park is empty and they cramp two RV’s together. Enjoy and keep those blogs coming!!
    Miss Carol


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