DAY 70

It’s been a little over 2 months and it just really doesn’t feel like it. School has already started for my friends so it has limited my time with them. When it comes to football season my friends and I are really close. I have a fantasy football team with my cousin and one with my friend. Our leagues our just for fun their is no money included. Yesterday was the first Sunday of the football season. Every Sunday during the football season I sit back and relax in front of my TV. I love watching, commentating and playing football it is by far my favorite sport. I also love keeping up with stats so if you ask me a question by week 13 I usually know more than most people. Yesterday I did about the same as I described, sat watching my TV for hours.

Yesterday was a fun day but definitely not the most action packed. I woke up and went for a little bike ride after breakfast. Their is a little basketball court and I just love going in circles on it. I’m also loving my new bike. I raised the seat a little bit and it works awesome. After that I talked to my friend before the football game and then I took a little rest and after that it was 1:00 and I was watching football. I’m a Jets fan and I am really sad that they never win. I had some hope for this year with their new all star running backs. They were winning 16-0 going into the 2nd half. They ended up losing 17-16 at the end. They missed a field goal worth 3 points and a extra point worth 1 which is why they lost. They need a better kicker. After that game I watched the other New York team the giants and they got destroyed. After that I watched the Sunday night game with the New England patriots and they always won so not surprising they won 33-3. By that point it was late so went to bed.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about our first day of homeschooling today. That was really exciting. Also hear about a little bike ride I went on.

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