DAY 69

Today we are at a new campground. This is an awesome campground but know one is here. I would guess it’s because if school but there are only about 15 people at the whole RV park. It makes it a lot of fun because you can ride on almost all of the open sites. We are all having a great time. One thing we are a little upset about is that this campground has no pool. We never check for a pool because every campground usually has one. This is the first RV park that doesn’t have a pool. They were also a little sneaky. They wrote full hookups which include power water and a dump station at your site. When they said full hookups they never mentioned that they hookups were at your site. We have water and electric not no sewer (dump station). My parents are a little mad about that because we can run though our whole gray tank in 1 day easily. So we have to do little laundry and because our shower takes a few minutes to heat up we have to take cold showers. That was pretty refreshing today. It was just like the lake in Vermont.

Yesterday was another fun day. It was our last full day in Vermont. I woke up and after about an hour I went down to breakfast. For breakfast I had pancakes. That filled me up. After that I went up to the RV and called a friend. We talked for awhile and then I rode my bike for a little bit of time. After that I called up my cousin and talked to him until my grandpa wanted me to help him stack some wood so I helped him for 25 minutes. After that I called my cousin back. I’ve been talking to friends and my cousin for a little longer than usual. I’ve figured out that since I’ve been a little upset I haven’t seen a lot of kids lately I’ve been talking to my friend and my cousin a little more and it’s been helping. After that we all ate some lunch. After lunch my mom did a little bit of work and then we went to Okemo’s adventure park.

I haven’t gone their in awhile but I always have fun when I go their. There is so many things to do but we just kept to 2 things. We all played mini golf first and had a blast. I got over my competitions and just played without a scorecard, my mom was surprised by that choice. After mini golf I went on this airbag jump. You jump from about 50 feet in the air and land on a huge like bouncy castle looking thing. My sister did it for the first time and I did it for the second time. I’m have a fear of heights so it’s hard for me to look down and see just an airbag about 50 feet below me. After a few seconds I braved myself and jumped. I think I lost my stomach because it was hurting for 30 minutes after I did it. My sister went after me. She said it was scary but fun and I had a blast.

The rest of night was pretty boring. I went shopping and had some dinner so I’m going to end there. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about an awesome travel day and what I did on my last day in Vermont.

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