DAY 68

Lately I’ve been saving my blog for when I climb up in my bed to go to sleep. I’m having great days and I find the best time to write is at night when I get good ideas before bed. It also leaves me a whole day not to think about my blog and write it at night. Also what I’ve learned is that it is really hard to write a blog consistently every day. Some days I just don’t feel the ideas and I just have to write less that day and try my best to make up for it the next day. Now to my fun in Vermont.

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately. I don’t know if it’s because I’m seeing all of my friends in NY quite soon or I just love hanging out in Vermont. Yesterday at around 7:00am I walked down to my grandparents house for breakfast. My grandpa makes the best breakfasts. He had 6 kids to cook breakfast for about 35 years ago and he is still using the same recipe. Whatever he does he’s pancakes, waffles and French toast are delicious. After breakfast I went back up to the RV and payed up in my bed. I’ve been taking less breaks since this RV trip started. Back at home in New York at around 11:00am I would climb into my bed for 45 minutes. Now I’m not really doing that too often. After that little rest I went down and rode my bike around a little bit. After that went back up in the RV. Soon after my mom finished her work so I had some lunch. I absolutely forget what I did yesterday from a 1:00pm lunch till 4:00pm when my dad came home. When they all came home a few of the boys my dad golfed with went in the lake. After that they had to take the raft and the dock out of the water for the winter. By then they all got in the lake. It was really cold so it was a quick in and out. And for anyone taking the the dock out of the water, they just froze. When I was done swimming I was cold for at least an hour. After that we are dinner and we all went back to the RV for the night. I talked to my friends for a little read this new book I have and soon after went to bed.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about an awesome day today. I would tell what we did but I’m not in the mood for any spoilers so here tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “DAY 68

  1. You’re so lucky to get grandpa’s breakfasts for the next few days. Hope you enjoy your time with grandma and grandpa. Keep up the fabulous writing! Miss you.


  2. Grandpa’s breakfasts are great. You should ask him to confirm, but I think he actually started making breakfast 53 years ago.

    What book are you reading?


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