DAY 67

We are all having a great time at our next stop, Vermont. We are back at my grandparents house because of a golf tournament. My dad and his brother set up a golf tournament every year with 14 friends. He usually goes by himself for a few days but this year since we are in an RV we came along. It’s really an awesome time. Minus how cold the water is, the water is pretty refreshing. Today I also hit some golf balls at the golf range about 3 minutes away.

Yesterday we packed up quite fast and left the campground I was sad to see this one go because it has been by far my favorite campground. We had to leave and I was pretty excited to go back to the lake houses in Vermont. We drove to the golf course in the RV and detached the Jeep. My mom, my sisters and I all got in the Jeep and drove an hour to the houses. When we arrived I jumped in the lake and froze myself. I was cold for at least an hour after I dried off. I just hung around the RV and did whatever for awhile. I love my top bunk. I can sit up there with the doors closed for hours and listen to music. The football seasons first game was that night so when it turned on I watched it. Soon after my dad came home with our home so I went to bed up in my bunk.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about an awesome day. I’m also expected to start school tomorrow so in a few days I will talk about that.

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