DAY 66- More campground living

I forgot to mention the RV park we are at is the in the top 13 in the USA. Yesterday was our last full day at the RV park and I had some fun around it. The RV park has so many hidden things they do that make it top 13. They are constantly cutting the grass and whenever an RV leaves the site they clean the outdoor fire ring. They make the place look awesome. They do so much more too. There is always at least 5 carts doing work around the park. They are also very organized. They have stuff to do every hour during the summer.

What we’ve been learning is that you should never go to bad campgrounds rated like 2-3 stars. We have heard some bad stories. If you go to a like a 4.1 star campground it’s good make it up with an amazing campground the next week. It keeps you going!

Yesterday I had some fun around the campground. I talked to my friends for a little while my mom worked then I went to the pool. The pool was cold but it was very refreshing. I would think the indoor one would be warmer it was just a beautiful sunny day so we stayed outside.

After that my mom worked a little more so I played some disc golf. After that we ate lunch. I’m definitely getting better at disc golf. I’m throwing them straight and far I got a few 3s on 210 feet holes. After lunch I just chatted with friends. I did a little biking but it was my friends last day before school so I got the best of it. I really enjoyed this campground and was sad to see it go today.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about my day in Vermont with my grandparents. My dad is also doing golf tournament I will get into tomorrow.

One thought on “DAY 66- More campground living

  1. Very interesting about the rating system and how different RV parks are so much better than others, and why. Thanks for the info. Never knew that. Glad to hear Disc Golf is getting better too. As with all sports, you’ll be a master in no time! And really looking forward to hearing about your mini Vermont visit! 🙂 I already miss Lake Pauline so much, and hope to make another short visit this fall.


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