DAY 65- 2 months on the road + missing friends

Yesterday was another slow day. I talked to friends and just caught up with them before school. The summer feels like 1 month and the school year feels like 3 years. I just don’t like how it passes so fast.

While writing in my blog I just can’t believe 2 months have already passed. It really felt like 2 weeks. I just have to think about Our first campground in Rhode Island then I remember how long it’s been.

I also miss my alone time in my room with a door that has a lock. Even if I had a small room. My room in my RV is my bed. Just open up a closet door and wala your looking right at my bed and Sydney’s bed at the same time.

Yesterday, as I mentioned earlier was a slow day I just talked to my friend and my cousin. I am really happy I’m that close to my cousins and my friend. Whenever I need a little break from whatever is happening around the RV I just call one of them up.

The main thing I did yesterday was get a new bike which I love. It has 21 gears so I can go real fast up and down hills. We had to drive into Rhode Island to get it because the first bike shop didn’t have it but told us where to go. That was kinda cool to drive to another state.

I also played disc golf for the first time. The lady in the equipment building gave me a strange look when she saw I was playing by myself. Adults are always questioning kids. She told me all theses rules I didn’t need to know and then I started. It was 80 million times harder than I though.

Since I’m naturally good at sports by the 12th hole I started throwing it decently far and straight. Then my dad showed up and we finished the round together. Disc golf is just like regular golf except you throw a disc at a bucket on a pole. The disc is a little smaller and a little lighter than a normal frisbee. It makes it easier to throw.

I’m going to end their because I didn’t really do anything else that’s of any real interest. Stay tuned for another round of disc golf, some pool and some arcade fun tomorrow.

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