DAY 63- Top 10 RV park in the country- Normandy Farms

Yesterday was a move day so it was a lot of fun. Also as I mentioned yesterday the campground is amazing. They have many pools and hot tubs. They also have a disc golf. That’s where you throw a frisbee looking thing and in as few shots as you can get it into this bucket. The bucket is round and elevated. It also has chains in it so if you hit it, it drops right in. I think I’m going to play it tomorrow. They also have an awesome bike park.

This is by far the best bike park I’ve seen. They have huge ramps and some skinny elevated boards. There is a little course they made where you go up a 4 huge ramps then you have the option to go up on something around a turn and then another turn and then you go on elevated boards up and down bumps. It is so much fun. One bad little mistake and you can really hurt yourself. I’m trying the have a lot of fun there but not hurt myself. Since most public schools are starting most of the kids left today so I had the place to myself.  

Yesterday morning we went out there breakfast. We did that really late it was about 11:00 when we left the place. We stopped by our friends house to say goodbye. We will probably not see them in at least 2 years. We did that until 11:45 and then got back to our RV by 12:10pm. We packed up our RV and left. It was only about a 1 hour drive so I went up in my bed and rested the whole time. My sisters both took a nap. When we arrived we were all so happy. I looked at everything. They also have some awesome fields there. After  that we had a late lunch and then just hung out for the rest of the day.

I’m writing really late at night and I’m tired so I’m not going to get into what  I did around the RV all afternoon. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about our first full day at the new campground.

3 thoughts on “DAY 63- Top 10 RV park in the country- Normandy Farms

  1. Hi again Luke, just caught up on a bunch of your posts I hadn’t seen yet. I was in Ludlow staying in the white house next to your grandparents, and told your grandpa I was really enjoying your blog. He had a big smile on his face when I said that I was reading all your stuff, and he said how smart you are. Keep up the great work! Writing can feel boring, but sometimes you just have to think about what to write as the day is going on, and some crazy things will happen worth writing about! Definitely stay safe though. No fun when you break an arm or a leg haha. Keep writing/typing! 🙂 -Sean


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