DAY 62- Iandoli Edden fun-last day

Yesterday was our last full day with our friends. We stopped in today to say goodbye but only for half an hour. We rarely see them so we tried to have the most fun we could. I really feel like we got a lot out of that week. 3 sleepovers and a bunch fun games and sports. I really had a great time. I’m also loving the new campground we are at. There are so many kids and so many pools and playgrounds. And I just went in an awesome bike park.

Yesterday since our friends slept over we had an early morning. We were up playing horse when my parents woke up. We played that for awhile. After that we went biking for awhile. We did some races and biked around the cement paths.

Soon after my dad came out and biked with all of us and we had a cool journey. We biked 8 miles to some cool places. First we biked 2 miles to a cool little boat boarding area. That was really cool! We also found some really cool stone design it was a kings chair. After that we biked to the visitor center. We were about 3 miles away so we biked on some cool wooded trails 3 miles. They really have some awesome trails in the state park we are at. When we arrived we were all really thirsty so we got some water and went on the to the bike park they have there. Soon after we went back. It was a long way back since we took a few wrong turns. We had to go up and down some really big rocky paths. We had a lot of fun though. When we got home we went to the Iandoli’s.

Everyone wanted to go to the beach but my friends dad and my friends and I. We stayed home and played some games while everyone else went to the beach. Soon after my parents can e back to house and we left back to our RV. Our friends had a bonfire with us. While all of the parents were by the fire we were playing 1 last game of hide and seek in the dark. We all really had a fun day. Soon after they left and we said goodbye because we weren’t sure we were going to see them today.

After that long bike day I was tired. I went right to bed and slept well. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about how awesome this RV park is. It’s the best we’ve had so far!

2 thoughts on “DAY 62- Iandoli Edden fun-last day

  1. Glad you are having such a great time. What makes it so cool? Let us know the name of this great RV park? Also the name of the beaches, and maybe the town? Love reading your blog!


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