DAY 61- More fun with friends

Yesterday was another day at the beach. I’m starting to like the beach a little more. There we just some days where I don’t feel like getting all sandy. When we go with friends the experience is 3 times better. Especially when there is enough kids to get a good game of football going. Our friends cousins were their so we had 6 kids and played a 3v3 game of football. 

Yesterday our friends slept over again. So we had an early morning. They wake up at like 5:45 and I wake up at 6:305:45 is just too early for me. We got up and played some quiet games and my parents woke up at 6:45 so then we played horse. We love playing horse, and for anyone who doesn’t know how to play horse it’s not like you ride someone around it’s a basketball game. We played with 3 people. One person would call a shot and then try to get it in. If they got the shot in the other 2 people had to get it in. If they missed they got a letter. First you get H next you get a O and then R then S then E until you spell horse and your out. If they miss the shot the next person gets to try and make a shot they call and then on. It’s really a fun game! After that we played a board game called trekking the national parks. And after that we did some biking and left for they beach.

We only played a little bit of football at the beach. They know all the lifeguards so they like walking to the beach house and talking to the lifeguards. I came along Ryan decided not too, otherwise everyone else came. I left soon after because I didn’t really understand what they were talking about. I played some foot golf with Ryan and then I my family left. We left before they came back from the beach house. They were there for hours. After that we went to their house and soon after we left with Jake and Ryan for one more sleepover. 

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about our last day with our friends. Also maybe a bit a crack on our new RV park we are going too. 

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