DAY 60- The day flew by with friends

Yet another fun was to come yesterday it was definitely a fun day but a short one. We played sports had a sleepover and biked with our friends. We all really had a good time. We are leaving on Sunday because their school starts on Wednesday. We only see them once a year so we are trying to spend the best time we can.

Yesterday was really a short day. The day flew by and we didn’t see them till 5:00pm. They went to the beach and we couldn’t make it there with my moms work and my dads work. Also we were all doing our on thing. I was talking to my cousin, my sisters were playing a game with each other. We really did nothing the whole day. I stepped out of my  bed after talking on the phone and it was 3:00pm. We ate some late lunch and they came over to our RV. We played some horse did some biking and had a bonfire. We made s’mores and then the sleep over began. 

Today was a really short blog but didn’t really miss anything. I hope to have more Interesting days in the future. But every now and then you have have a break day.

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