DAY 59- Rainy day in MA

Yesterday was one of our few rainy days. Even though it rained we still had a great time. Everyone but my mom was there. Mom and Caitlin went to a movie. It was angry birds 2. I was pretty excited that watch it because I loved the first movie. I’m not really big movie person or even watching TV in general. I like to watch sports and comedy movies.

Yesterday morning was pretty normal. We ate breakfast and played some games around the RV. If anyone didn’t know we have a basketball hoop in our RV so i shoot some hoops sometimes. I’m not really all too good at basketball so I try to practice my accuracy. Again we didn’t really do too much after that until we saw our friends so I’m going to skip to that.

When we got there we had some fun upstairs. By that I mean we played some horse and I actually won around. That was pretty surprising to me as I’m not all too good at basketball. After that we left for the movie. We got there and were a few minutes late so we rushed in. When we got in it was a miracle. All the commercials ended and we sat down as the movie started.

I loved the movie it was really a hilarious movie and it had some awesome surprises. If they make an angry birds 3 I’m totally watching it. Everything liked all of us were not let down by it. After that we went back to their house. We la,yes with some Legos and went back upstairs and played some games. After that we went home.

We hung out at home and had a great time at their house. I’m sorry I’m writing a little bit less than normal. While I’m with my friends I try to just fit it in. I also have about the same day everyday so it takes away from the interest level. I will try to write more after we leave.

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