DAY 58- Iandoli fun

Yesterday was as always a lot of fun. We spent a decent amount of time with our friends. We didn’t see them till around noon but we did other stuff in the morning. We are also having some problems with our RV park so we are thinking of changing our plans a little. 

In the morning we didn’t do anything too interesting. We biked a little a bit around the park. Sydney recently learned how to bike so we go biking way more often. There are really so many acres of land at this state park. You can go biking anywhere on any type of path. We usually stick to pavement since my sisters bikes aren’t really meant for anything but a nice pavement road.

Soon I’m getting a new bike and my sister Caitlin is getting my bike and my sister Sydney is getting Caitlin’s bike. So Caitlin will have a good bike for woods. After biking we all rested a little while my parents worked. When they were done we went to the beach to meet our friends.

When we got there, their cousins were there. We played a lot of football on the beach and we annoyed a few people. It was kind off a funny story. We started playing football and 2 people came along and sat right on the sideline and the ball rolled up to there feet a couple of times. Even though we were there first the got mad at us. They told us to move the event though the spot we were playing was 1 of the spots with no shells. We left and made a new field with shells on it. About 1 minute later they moved away so we moved back. It was really hilarious and we were all laughing about it.

After some football while all the boys were in the water Ryan and I played a foot golf game with my size 1 soccer ball and a hole in the sand. After that we left the beach and went to their house.

We played a round for awhile until we got hungry and ordered some pizza. We played some more football with there cousins at the playground and played some horse back at home. After that we went home.
We all had a fun time there but were all tired. When we got home we all just reacted and got ready for bed. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about yet again another fun day with our friends.

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