DAY 57- Sleepover + fun with friends!

On Sunday I slept at Jake and Ryan’s house so Monday I got a full day with them. When we woke up we watched Spider-Man than Jake had a to do something at school. It was like a preparation. His school starts quite soon. While he was doing that Ryan and I biked around town.

He showed me all of the cool places to go around his town. We biked to the village and out to a boat dock. There are also a lot of memorials for wars. There are also some really decorated ones and like some big cool pictures you can walk on. They really have a cool town. After that we went back and hung out. We played some horse for awhile and then went back to the town. This time his mom gave us some money and we bought 2 bagels at a bagel store. Something hilarious happened while we were there. We both told them what we wanted and about 15 mutes later 2 girls walked in and bought the exact order we got. I thought that was crazy but funny. After that we went and got Jake. We met up with there cousins at the park and played some football for awhile.

After football we went back home. We played some horse upstairs and then their neighbors came over and we played some more football until a bunch of the neighbors came and we went on one their trampoline’s. We did that until the sun went down and then we went back home. We all left there at around 8:30pm and went home.

Yesterday was really a fun day and look to have fun like that every day. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about the fun we had today. We played more football and went to the beach.

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