DAY 56- State park camping in MA

Yesterday was our first full day with our friends. We had a lot of fun but it was really tiring. Our RV park we are at is a state park. There are some awesome bike trails there and some good hiking trails so we went on a few of them later on.

We had a normal morning, we didn’t do all too much. Are friends didn’t come till around noon so we just sat around the RV park. My dad was working on a 1000 piece puzzle so I helped him a little. I’m gonna skip a little until they come because that’s when the fun happens. When they arrived we showed them around the RV because they haven’t seen it yet. After that the full on game of football started. The game was me vs Jake with Ryan always on the offense. Even though we only had 3 people we found a way to play football. We made a pretty big field and started playing. We played for about an hour and ate some lunch. That was our halftime. After that we finished the game. I ended up winning. After that we had to move the RV to get all of our tanks empty. After using a lot of water all of our water tanks get full so we go to a dump station to empty them. We moved in all of the slides and moved 300 feet.

It takes about 45 minutes for our tanks to fill up so Jake, Ryan his dad and I went on a little bike ride in the woods. I don’t really go biking to often and never in dirty roads like that. It was a lot of fun. We went back soon after and I wrote in my blog. After that we went inside my RV and played around with my basketball hoop. We played some horse and I soon figured out that they are good at basketball. I love all sports but I am not too good at all of them. Basketball I’m ok at but they destroyed me. It was still a lot of fun though. After that we ate dinner. My mom made meatballs, mash potato and some broccoli. There was also pasta but I don’t like pasta. After that we made a campfire and we all made some s’mores. I haven’t made s’mores in awhile. That is always a lot of fun.

After that I went home with them and I stepped over. Libby slept over at the RV. We did a swap. We had a lot of fun yesterday! Stay tuned to hear about today’s fun tomorrow.

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