DAY 55- Bye Pinewoods + hellos Iandoli’s

Yesterday was very tiring, fun and definitely sad because we had to leave camp. It was still a very fun day. We got to see our friends we only see once a year. Yesterday morning there was a lot of packing. That was really the boring part of the day. I’m gonna just touch on the boring stuff.

The day started with some packing at 6:15. We got our room looking good. After that my cousin and I walked over to the stage to get something. After that we reunited with our friends beefier we had breakfast. They want everyone to leave by 10:00am so we had the most fun we could in the morning. Before breakfast we played human table tennis. At Pinewoods, which is the name of our camp, we play a fun game called human table tennis. One person lays down on this mini stage while the other 2 people hit a beachball over whoever is sitting there. It’s like table tennis or ping pong except bigger and with a human net.

After that we all ate breakfast. It was eggs again. I’m not mad though because I love eggs. After that I packed up the rest of my cabin with my Jake. At around 10:00 my mom came. She picked me and my sisters up. My cousin had a ride with my aunt. I said goodbye to all my friends and left. About 2 hours later we arrived at the state park. It was 20 minutes from my friends house. We got in and prepped it for a long 11 day stay and left to our friends house in the RV.

We saw them once last year for 1 day after camp so this year my mom and dad decided to stay for 11 days. Our friends are 2 boys about my age and a girl about Sydney’s age. There names are Jake, Ryan and Libby. When we arrived we played an awesome game of football to 84 points. It took about an hour. After that we ate dinner and went to their neighbors trampoline. They have so many neighbors that are kids and they are so close with. They are always using other people’s stuff. After that I was exhausted and we are were so we left.

That was when I wrote my blog. I was so tired I could barely open my eyes. I got ready for bed and went to bed. I fell right asleep! Stay tuned to hear about a fun day with Jake, Ryan and Libby.

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