DAY 54- Last full day at Pinewoods!

I’m writing from my bed tonight because it was a long day today which I will talk all about tomorrow! Camp ended and my mom and dad picked me and my sisters up and then I got to see my friends in Cohassrt, MA

Now back to yesterday. Camp was awesome. It was a normal day at camp. We ate a delicious breakfast and I went swimming twice! I love to swim.

I got to interview one of the cooks and he told me how to the whole kitchen works servicing 300 people. It wasn’t awesome.

There was the Morris tour. Anyone who practiced dances got to participate. It was way more complicated that I can explain right now because I am so tired as I write this.

I also got to call a dance last night. What that is is I got to tell people what to do during a dance in a song format. I had never done that before but I was practicing all week. It was really fun.

Last night was a party because it was the last full day of camp. All the 9-12 yrs olds got to stay up and the owner of camp told some stories. They were actually pretty funny.

I know there was probably more to talk about but I saw my good friends that live in MA today after camp and I just started to write around 9pm and I can barely keep my eyes open.

We are staying in a state park near their house so I will have more to write about tomorrow.

They were actually pretty interesting.


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